From BuzzWords to BuzzProjects

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InovActive Telecom Engineering

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Future of TV

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Radio Network optimization Challenges: from 2G to 5G

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Application to employment

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Hololens and Unity - augmented reality

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Azure Networking – Cloud concepts for a rainy day

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I think I have a great idea, so now what?

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Aircraft Maintenance Troubleshooting Procedures

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Workshop KPMG - 6 March at 15:30


Workshop Celfinet - 6 March at 17:00

With the information boom advent from the Smartphones, Social Networks, Live Streaming and more recently, IOT, 5G, Big Data and Machine Learning, classical engineering does not cut it. The need of a new kind of Engineers arise, the so called InovActive Engineers, who actively seek Innovation and adapt to Change.
Join us to find out how you can become a InovActive Enginner. Are you willing to embrace Change? CELFINET is!

Workshop Altran - 7 March at 15:30

Living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, but most couches share something in common – they are placed in front of a TV.
While content is now prevalent in multiple media, TV still represents the biggest screen in our homes and the one we devote most amount of time and focus to.
On this workshop, we’ll explore the recent history of TV and what the future promises on:

  • Technology
  • User Experience
  • Business Models
  • Value Chain & Networks

Also we will openly discuss how a tight collaboration between industry and academia will contribute, through investigators, teachers and students, to position Portugal at the forefront of TV innovation.


Workshop Vodafone - 7 March at 17:00

Workshop Everis - 8 March at 15:30

During the workshop, the next recruiting stages from companies will be covered:

  1. Searching for a job
  2. Presentation Card
  3. Curriculum vitae
  4. First contact with the company
  5. First visit to the company
  6. Personal presentation
  7. Psycho-technical tests
  8. Interviews
  9. Hiring proposal

Workshop Bliss - 8 March at 17:00

Microsoft Hololens is the first augmented reality device completely autonomous that is available in the market. The augmented reality combines the 3D holographic content with the world that surrounds us, giving holograms context and scale in the real world and allowing an interaction with these digital content.
This workshop will be an introduction to the development of augmented reality 3D applications for Windows Holographics using C#, Visual Studio and Unity and in which will be approached some features and concepts like: gaze, gestures, voice input, spatial sound and spatial mapping.

Requirements: Laptop and software.

Workshop Microsoft - 9 March at 11:00

Cloud related services have been the trending services for some time now and will be for sure the future of the businesses.
When university time come to an end and you are tossed into the work world this is what you’ll find in the cutting edge enterprises.
This session aims to teach you about what the cloud is, how it works and how can we take advantage of it.
The session will be split in two stages: a short intro to Azure world and a hands-on lab where we will learn how to set up a network from scratch on the cloud.
This way you’ll acquire some cloud concepts and save them for a rainy day!

Requirements: Laptop and have an Azure Trial subscription ready to go.

Faber Ventures

Workshop Faber Ventures - 9 March at 15:30


  1. First, reality check: Am I a genius? Is there any opportunity?
  2. Different ideas, different paths: I might have something, but how big can it be? Can I build a business out of it?
  3. The entrepreneurial mindset: What it takes to build a company?
  4. Make a decision: Should I stay or should I go?

This workshop will give you an overview about the idea validation process and decisions you'll need make along the way. It aims to be a hands-on and practical session, the participants will have the opportunity to work in groups and test an idea validation framework, based on pre-defined ideas or in real ideas from participants, so if you have an idea that you would like to test and receive feedback, you can take the opportunity to work it during the session. This methodology and framework is part of of the Faber Summer Internhship Program.

Workshop TAP - 9 March at 17:00

In present day, civil aviation is an extremely regulated and certified industry, in which it’s necessary to obey an extensive and detailed set of rules in order to commercial flights. For this reason, airlines must establish norms of conduct and procedures to maintain the normality of the operation with the guaranty of the flight’s safety. Bearing this in mind, operators make use of tools provided by the industry’s manufacturers.
Along the years and with growing competition, the optimization of this process has become essential, making the need for fast and efficient solutions a priority in order to limit the disruptions, especially those with a big operational impact. With this workshop, it’s intended to demonstrate in which way this optimization is achieved, using tools, troubleshooting procedures and actions in a real failure situation.