Lecture ITSector - 6 March at 11:00

How to start creating my product...
In this lecture we will identify the challenges and some important approaches when we are starting our startup and its products.

Speaker: Cristóvão Morgados


Lecture ITGrow - 6 March at 12:00

In this tech talk we will review the deep space exploration initiatives from the European Space Agency, with a particular focus on missions in which CRITICAL Software was or is currently involved. We will discuss some technical details about developing and qualifying software for space missions and the challenges that communication delays and blackouts pose to the autonomy of spacecraft.

Speaker: José Freitas

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Lecture Epimetheus - 7 March at 14:00

Are you ready for a new challenge? Epimetheus is currently present in 3 locations (Lisboa, Porto and Madrid). Our Consulting division, through Business Consulting, IT Consulting e IT Outsourcing divisions, have as its main strengths a deep business knowledge, integration of different skills and the ability to deliver implementation, maintenance and operation projects. IT Consulting’s main focus is strategic and operational consulting services in the SI/TI areas.
Given our experience, clients, team with over 250 consultants and the high rate of growth of the Consulting branch, we are actively searching for talent to join us.

Speaker: Rui Miguel (Senior Manager for ITC and ITO business units)

BNP Paribas

Lecture BNP Paribas - 7 March at 16:30

The amount of natural language text available in electronic form is continuously increasing. Large organizations, such as BNP Paribas, already deal with an impressively large volume of text written in different languages. However, the complexity of natural language turns the identification of relevant information into a challenging task.
Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a problem in Machine Learning that consists in finding ways of automatically extracting information on entities by labeling sequences of words in a natural language text. The goal is to automatically answer questions like: 'What are the trendiest products in the market?', 'How frequently are other stakeholders dealing with our clients?', or 'What companies referred in a news article are our clients?'.
In this forum, we will explain the basics of NER and how it was applied within BNP Paribas to help in detecting and stopping money laundering or financing of terrorist activities.

Palestra Xsealence - Dia 8 às 14:00

Focusing on fisheries management issues, Xsealence has been developing solutions in the area of TICE to meet the needs of different stakeholders in this sector. The lecture begins with a brief presentation of Xsealence and its tradition in technologies for the Sea. Following, we present the different technological solutions developed for monitoring of maritime activity, as well as the product portfolio created and the path taken in the technologies for the Sea. Particularly, we will present a set of innovations under the SealTall project and the challenges of TICE for the Sea.

Speaker: Nuno Antunes


Lecture TAP - 8 March at 16:30

The lecture consists on a presentation about TAP’s fleet and operation in the present days, followed by an exposing about the flight data area and the data recorders that exist aboard TAP’s fleet. Afterwards, the tools and processes for data analysis that Safety Management uses to analyze the collected data and to assure that safety and quality in our airline are delivered. At the end of the lecture, a presentation of a case study will be made to contextualize the previous topics.

Speakers: Bernardo Lourenço (Aerospace Engineering) and Pedro Soares (Aerospace Engineering)

Lecture Novabase - 9 March at 11:00

If you are interested in technology don't miss the chance to meet Novabase, a market leader IT consulting company.
You will be in touch with an ex-student from your course, have the opportunity to find out exactly what he does at Novabase and also clarify all the questions you might have!
Don't waste this awsome chance to meet one more way to launch your professional career!


Lecture Accenture - 9 March at 14:00

“… and your Web, produces coffees?” – An approach to how today's innovations are impacting on a way that humans, computers, and other institutions will relate to in the future.
Are you looking for an alternative to "artificial intelligence", robotization processes and machines as the main users of the Internet?
And companies, are you prepared for this new digital revolution?

Speaker: Pedro Ricou

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